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ADA 25 Celebrate

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 By: ADA25
 Published: Apr 08 2015

The ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act, will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year on July 26, 2015.
This landmark Act was signed into law on July 26, 1990. Disability Rights are Civil Rights so lets all celebrate
the access this law created for and in our communities.
This is a clip to put you in the mood to use your creative talents to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the ADA!!!
How are you going the Celebrate the ADA? Send your clips in. Get going and do something to bring community together and CELEBRATE.

Providing a full text description of the ADA 25 Celebrate clip:

ADA 25 Celebrate
Full Text for Audio and Video Description
TRT: 45 second video

Throughout video: U.S. Marine Band plays “Stars and Strips Forever.”

Opening with black background with white letters saying “coming July 2015.”

Narrative: “coming July 2015.”

Americans with Disabilities logo, with red ADA above white line with number 25 in blue below along with the words Americans with Disabilities Act and 1990-2015.

Next image on right side is historic black and white picture of two young men in wheelchairs with Disability Flag (U.S flag with stars in blue field displaying universal access symbol (profile of person in wheelchair)) in front of a Greyhound bus protesting it inaccessibility.

Narrative spoken and reads: We Demanded Access

Audio descriptive says: Protestors in front of bus.

Next Image: Left side is ADA 25 logo followed by vertical graphics in white and blue read: “Disability Rights are Civil Rights” then repeat of ADA25 logo. On the right side is historic black and white photo of rows of marchers led by people (multi-cultural and racial and children to seniors) in wheelchairs with handmade signs including incorporating slogans from the civil rights movement such as “We shall overcome” and “Access is a Civil Right”

Narrative spoken and reads: We pushed for civil rights!

Audio descriptive says: Marching with sign “we shall overcome.

Next Image: Historic black and white photo of three demonstrators crawling up the steps to the U.S. Capital on March 12, 1990.

Narrative spoken and reads:” We climbed the Capital Steps.”

No audio descriptive

Next images: Against black background individual words zoom onto screen and enlarge reading: “and then on July 26, 1990 “, “It” “Was”.

Narrative: and then on July 26, 1990 it was…

Next Image: ADA logo reappears on left side and on right side historic black and white photo of President George H.W. Bush sitting at table on the lawn of the White House surrounded by Rev. Harold Wilke, Evan Kemp, Chairman of the Equal Opportunities Commission; Sandra Parrino of the National Council on Disability; Justin Dart of the Presidential Commission on Employment of People with Disabilities.

Narrative spoken and reads: “on July 26, 1990 it was signed!!!”

Audio descriptive said: President George Bush signing Americans with Disabilities Act.

Next image: black screen with white letters entering left to right reading “Celebrating 25 years of the ADA” with ADA 25 logo appearing over letters in the center with bursts of circular white fireworks appearing behind

Next Image: Previous screen splits in middle to black screen with ADA 25 logo and on left “Disability Rights are Civil Rights.” Right side of screen color picture of ADA Legacy The Road to Freedom bus parked outside along the front of the Ed Roberts Campus, Berkeley, CA. Passing next to bus is man with white service dog.

5 point white star outline bursts to fill screen.

Continued fireworks and music.

Narrative spoken and reads: “Join in the celebration” (above the bus) and below “”

Audio descriptive says: ADA Freedom Bus at Ed Roberts Campus

Continued fireworks and music

Last image: Disability flag in foreground in front of the dome of the U.S. Capital.

Narrative spoken and reads: “Nothing about us without us!”

Audio descriptive says: U.S. Capital Dome behind Disability Flag.

Video goes to Black


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