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Editing 'Return to Spock's Brain'

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Editing at the computer lab.
 By: P_Rivera
 Published: Jun 27 2015

Nate and I collaborating on the beginning logo that goes before the start of Mike Vaughn's new short film, "Return to Spock's Brain." This marks the final stages of our post-production work on the video.


Rate It: 0  |   0  Report Abuse By: MikeVaughn  Posted: Jun-27 6:40 PM

The two guys, man... They work the tails off and are really nice guys. Come join the Internship Program and you too can have some fun making films and learning new skills!

Rate It: 0  |   0  Report Abuse By: Nstec  Posted: Jun-27 6:34 PM

Cool, Pablo. (By the way, who's that young man sitting next to you? ...Oh wait, it's me.)

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