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+DOG+ Live at Frank Moore's Shaman's Den on 2008-07-20 - Added
to Frank Moore Audio Archive

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 By: Corey
 Published: Jan 04 2018

Lob posted his recording of this jam on Frank's

Live at Frank Moore's Shaman's Den
Featuring Steve Davis, Lob, Eddie Nervo, Night Nurse Hailey Chase, Andrew Wayne (Chopstick), Tate, Erika Shaver-Nelson, Jen Wilson & Frank Moore.

This is a live recording of the noise collective project fronted by Steve Davis called +DOG+ during an appearance on Frank Moore's Shaman's Den tv/radio show. This show was broadcast and a soundboard mix does exist..( but THIS is a live recording done IN the room where it was happening.. it's this mix is much more low end and muddier due to the bass being louder than everything else IN the room...but this recording does include some rare warm up moments with talking and noodling going on prior to the performance.

there is also video of this performance available at


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